3 Ancient Civilizations DVDs (plus extras) - King Tut, Dead Sea Scrolls, Vikings

Mint Condition

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3 DVD Set - Tut, Dead Sea Scrolls, Vikings

  • 3 Ancient Civilizations DVDs (plus extras) - King Tut, Dead Sea Scrolls, Vikings

    Mint Condition

    CONDITION NOTES: Please Reference pictures and note 2 Condition Notes which we Feel Need to be Disclosed . . .

    . . . They Affect Nothing, Really.

    1. the Timeline was 'misfolded' but can easily be corrected if one so desired to spend time on a hand 're-fold'. You can see in the picture that in it's final 'fold', which is less than perfect. Timeline is perfect in all other aspects.

    2. the custom printed Library Storage Box has a top edge defect which is not physical damage, but rather, which appears to have originated from simply a bad printed 'skin' gluing that was less than perfect upon box creation process. Box is Sound and Perfect in all other aspects.

    Take an exciting armchair journey back in time to the world's most amazing Ancient Civilizations!

    3 DVD + Book Gift Package Set which Includes a Custom Printed Library Storage Box, a Custom Printed 3-Ring Binder for Storage of included Historical Reference Cards, a Timeline of Ancient Civilizations Printed piece as well as the 3 DVD's: The Vikings-Voyage of the Longships, The Dead Sea Scrolls-Unlocking the Secrets of the Scriptures, and King Tut-Secrets Revealed

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