Bracketron Nav-Mat UFM-100-BL

Brand New, Not in Original Packaging

Locator #1443WI

Bracketron Portable Nav-Mat UFM-100-BL

  • Bracketron Nav-Mat UFM-100-BL

    Brand New, Not in Original Packaging

    Weighted, Anti-Skid Base
    Conforms to your dash
    No tools required
    Holds up to several pounds
    Easily view your GPS while driving
    Uses the stock GPS windshield mount
    Portable and stow-able, keep out of view - Anti-Theft!

    The Nav-Mat is the most convenient mounting accessory for your portable GPS today. Using the physics of weight distribution along with high tech anti-skid materials, it creates a solid mounting base while turning your windshield mounted GPS into a dash mounted GPS.

    The Nav-Mat conforms to the contours of your dashboard, allowing it to work on uneven or textured surfaces while the anti-skid underside keeps the device from sliding. Designed to work with devices up to several pounds using the stock windshield suction mount sold with most popular GPS units, the Nav-Mat requires no tools for installation and can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle or put out of sight when leaving the vehicle.

    Also works well with other Bracketron Windshield Mounts for mounting devices such as Satellite Radio, Cell Phones and MP3 Players.
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