Life-Like 'N' Scale  F40 Locomotive 7641 F40 Amtrak #381

Brand New

Locator #1144WI

Life-Like N F40 Loco 7641 Amtrak #381

  • Life-Like 'N' Scale F40 Locomotive 7641 F40 Amtrak #381

    Brand New

    Diesel F40PH Powered -- Amtrak (silver). Start your Amtrak route today with this detailed locomotive. Comes ready-to-run with plastic body finished in authentic colors.

    Compatible with any N scale railroad equipment.
    The locomotive comes with a lifetime limited warranty.
    All-wheel drive and electrical pick-up.
    Blackened metal wheels.
    5-pole skewed armature.
    This locomotive's cab sits at the front of, and flush with the engine leaving a small, squared "hood-like" look.
    This Amtrak locomotive is silver w/their insignia stripes around the entire engine.
    Laser quality printing: "Amtrak," 381 are on both sides and in black.
    Black colored front and rear trucks.
    No cow catcher on either end.
    Detailed panel lines give an authentic appearance.
    Pictorial disassembly instructions included.
    The locomotive lays in a plastic bed with a clear plastic cover; protected within a clear sturdy plastic package.
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