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  • LIVEVIEW GPS LIVE TRAC G-5 Tracking Device

    Brand New

    The G5 is a next generation live vehicle tracking system, providing you with 10 second vehicle tracking. The G5 combines into one small package - a highly sensitive GPS receiver that works where other GPS vehicle tracking systems fail.

    Lightning Fast Position Updates In 10 Seconds or Less.

    Powerful reporting capabilities, instant automatic alert notifications, and customer support that counts.

    Our effective GPS vehicle tracking systems allows you to locate your vehicles and assets location NOW, not where they were a few minutes ago. It's automatic - no locate buttons to press, watch it live on your computer or mobile device.

    In truth, most tracking systems deliver position updates and vehicle data after X minutes have elapsed.

    A GPS tracker that updates by the minute actually delivers location data based on the past. The longer the interval between position updates, the less accurate reporting becomes. Location information, mileage, pre-set boundaries, alerts and more are compromised when update frequency is limited to minutes.

    When the situation is critical, a few seconds can make the difference. Update speed is the key to transmitting a precise location and other crucial data in true real-time.

    The LiveViewGPS G5 standard update speed is 10 second intervals when moving - 5 second updates are also available. Get the fastest update speeds available - for accurate, real-time insight without fail.

    The G5 will update its position every 30 minutes when the ignition is off and the vehicle is not moving. The G5 is also equipped with an internal battery back-up that can alert and transmit its location when disconnected from power.

    NOTE: Subscription Service thru LiveView GPS is Required to Activate & Actually Monitor Locations. Please check with LiveView GPS for Detailed Plan Information & Costs. This is for the Tracking Device ONLY; a necessary to purchase whether directly from LiveView GPS, or 34d Parties.
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