Micro Mechanic Engine Light Check, Wireless


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Locator 2069

Micro Mechanic Engine Light Check Wireless

    • Simply plug into vehicle’s diagnostic port. Instantly shows you what’s wrong & how severe the problem.
    • Bluetooth wirelessly displays information on your smartphone. Retrieve real-time sensor information.
    • Any problems are displayed in easy-to-understand terms. Works on all vehicles 1996 & newer!
    • Provides automatic maintenance reminders & estimates repair costs.
    • Free downloadable app included- compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

    Product details

    Micro Mechanic is the quick and easy way to diagnose and read your vehicles check engine light. When your check engine light comes just plug Micro Mechanic into diagnostic port under dashboard and it instantly shows you whats wrong and how severe the problem is, so you can determine the best course of action. The Bluetooth scanner wirelessly relays any problems found to your smartphone in simple, easy to understand format. Prevent costly repairs by proactively taking care of your car. Micro Mechanic ensures that you never miss an oil change or critical maintenance. Works on all vehicles 1996 and newer. Free downloadable diagnostic app included. Compatible with Apple and Android devices. Pocket- size scanner stores easily. Includes Micro Mechanic and storage case.Less