Sandisk (SDSDRH-004G-A11) Ultra II SDHC 4GB High Performance Card

Brand New

Locator #634FL

Sandisk (SDSDRH-004G-A11) Ultra II SDHC 4GB High P

  • Sandisk (SDSDRH-004G-A11) Ultra II SDHC 4GB High Performance Card

    Brand New

    SanDisk Ultra® II SDHC™ 4 GB Memory Card (Bulk Package)
    Catch whatever life throws your way

    There’s never a dull moment—or at least it feels that way—when you can shoot and transfer photos and videos like the pros. That means capturing and sharing all your favorite photo and video opps with a SanDisk Ultra® II memory card. It’s so fast, you’re always ready for the next shot, plus so rugged that environmental conditions will never hold you back. With SanDisk Ultra® II memory cards available in CompactFlash® and SD™ formats, and superior speeds that let you transfer from your camera to computer in a snap, you’re ready to go where the shot takes you.

    Video is the new photo
    Only video tells the whole story. So get the larger capacity SanDisk Ultra® II SD cards that give you plenty of room to keep on shooting. Larger capacities, like 8 GB or 16 GB are the perfect way to shoot more video on your point-and-shoot camera.

    Maximize your camera’s performance
    Keep shooting without fear of running out of space
    Get dependable performance every time
    Don’t come up short, store more photos and videos