Turbo Bag T-400 Laptop Bag - 15.4" Genuine Leather

Locator #60FL

Turbo Bag T-400 Laptop Bag - 15.4" Genuine Leather


  • Slightly Used TurboBag
    . . . this particular Bag is in very good, clean condition with the only wear being
    in the area of the outside bag 'strap' (used for securing the laptop to the handle of a larger rolling bag).

    MSRP: $149.99

    Fits up to 16in Laptops
    TurboBag T-400 - Ultimate power look, genuine leather, Black
    includes shoulder strap
    How TurboBag works

    The TurboBag is an innovative checkpoint friendly laptop bag that will reduce congestion at airports by eliminating the need to remove laptops from bags. It works by keeping the computer separate from the other contents of the bag (such as the charger, mouse, cables, cell phone, etc.) in separate compartments. That way when the laptop bag is scanned at the X-ray machine, the images of all those objects do not superimpose, which would create a confusing image that the inspector would find very difficult to interpret accurately. Another important factor is that TurboBag™ is made from materials that minimize obstruction of the X-ray image. In addition, any zippers, straps, metals objects or any other objects in the path of the X-rays have been avoided, so that the machine can provide a clear, totally unobstructed view of the contents of the bag.

    The result for you, the passenger, is that you don't have to take the computer out of the bag at the checkpoint. Just unzip the bag, open it and lay it flat on the table and push it toward the conveyor belt. The computer stays inside the laptop bag at all times, well protected and without risk of damage or loss. All contents of the bag remain inside the bag, in plain sight at all times, which is good for the inspector to do the X-ray scan and a visual inspection. It is also good for the passenger, because this way you will not forget or lose something, and you know where your stuff is at all times.

    TurboBag Advantages

    TurboBag is an innovative, checkpoint friendly laptop bag and is a patent-protected solution that gives you unique advantages:

    Extremely easy