Walthers N Scale 920-75014 GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive SOO #4400

Brand New

Locator #902WI

Walthers N Scale 920-75014 GP38-2 Diesel Loco 4400

  • Walthers N Scale 920-75014 GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive SOO #4400

    Brand New

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    Walthers N 920-75014 GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive - SOO #4400
    Soo Line #4400 (red, white)
    Walthers Part # 920-75014
    N scale, sold out at Walthers and at most other Retailers

    In the 60s EMD identified the need for a medium-horsepower roadswitcher with no turbocharger for improved reliability. With the rack settings on its 16-cylinder 645 prime mover set at a very conservative 2,000 horsepower, tried-and-true traction motors and other components, the GP38 was designed for reliability in all kinds of service. The locomotive sold well, but the addition of easy-to-maintain modular electronics made its successor the GP38-2 the runaway favorite with 2,188 locos sold. The externally identical GP38AC with an AC generator accounted for another 240 sales. GP38-2 production began in 1972 and lasted through 1987.

    Late-production GP38-2s constructed beginning in 1977 came equipped with an 88" long low nose; this model is based on these units. Fuel tank size was specified by the customer and units came equipped with Blomberg M truck, although many were built with reconditioned standard Blomberg trucks from traded-in units. The GP38-2 could be found in all kinds of service from hauling road and wayfreights to ushering commuter (on the Long Island Railroad) and long-distance passenger trains (Mexican steam generator-equipped models) across the railroad. Hundreds could also be found in local, yard and heavy industrial switching service. In recent years, they fetch a pretty penny on the used locomotive market - if their original Class I owners ever get rid of them. The model was so successful that even in 2006 some Class I roads were still purchasing remanufactured/rebuilt units built to GP38-2 standards. Many have been rebuilt and still serve for their original owners, others have gone on to shortlines and regional roads.