Walthers N SCALE 920-75117 ALCO RS-2 Diesel Locomotive Union Pacific #1291

Brand New

Locator #892WI

Walthers N SCALE 920-75117 ALCO RS-2 Diesel Loco


  • Brand New

    MSRP: Discontinued Item

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    Walthers N 920-75117 ALCO RS-2 Diesel Locomotive - Union Pacific #1291
    Union Pacific (red, white)
    Walthers Part # 920-75117
    N scale, sold out at Walthers and at most other Retailers

    Product Features
    * All-New Model

    * DCC-Friendly Mechanism w/Clip-Fit Circuit Board

    * Accumate Knuckle Couplers

    * All-Wheel Drive & Electrical Pick-Up

    * Dual Machined brass Flywheels

    * Constant Intensity & Directional Headlights

    * RP-25 Wheels Operate on Code 55 & Larger Rail

    * Heavy Diecast Split-Frame Chassis

    * Five-Pole, Skew-Wound Motor

    The RS-2 was Alco's first roadswitcher to incorporate its new 244-Series prime mover. The 1,500-horsepower units were designed for versatility - they were equally at home working road freights or switch runs. If equipped with a steam generator, they were adept at working commuter and secondary passenger runs. Production began in 1946 with just over 350 units constructed for U.S. and Canadian roads before the unit was succeeded by the 1,600-horsepower RS-3 in 1950 (although a few late RS-2s were rated at 1,600 horsepower).

    RS-2s have worked for Class I, shortline and industrial lines across the continent. The engines have been long lived, with one survivor still holding down daily freight duties in 2007. A few others still see service at museum and tourist lines.