Walthers N SCALE 920-7716 DL-109 Diesel Locomotive Milwaukee #14A

Brand New

Locator #883WI

Walthers N Scale 920-7716 DL-109 Diesel Loco MLW

  • Walthers N SCALE 920-7716 DL-109 Diesel Locomotive Milwaukee #14A

    Brand New

    MSRP: Discontinued Item

    The Walthers 7716 Milwaukee #14A DL 109 Diesel Locomotive. Features include plastic construction, powerful motor, plastic couplers, plastic trucks, and metal wheels

    Alco's DL109 of 1940 was the builders early entry into the passenger diesel market. With its sleek lines, knife-edged nose and long wheelbase, it was ideally suited for high-speed service, and with 2,000 horsepower under the hood, it could handle passengers or high-speed freight with ease. Because of its dual-service capabilities, Alco was allowed to construct the DL-109 in the face of wartime restrictions on passenger-only locos, and the units performed admirably round the clock, handling passengers during the day and freight trains at night. Using lessons learned with the DL-109, it was succeeded by the PA-1 in 1946.

    The PROTO N Alco DL-109 locomotive captures the slender lines of this 1940s prototype in a powerful, smooth-running N Scale model. Features include a heavy, split-frame chassis, five-pole motor with dual flywheels, eight-wheel drive (just like the prototype!), all-wheel electrical pickup, directional LED headlight and AccuMate&#reg; knuckle couplers. Coupled with a finely detailed body (right down to the thin rivet strip around the cab windows) and authentic paint schemes, these units will look perfect on your passenger trains.