Welcome To Loft300

Welcome to the long awaited 'soft' launch of our 'newest' online presence; evolved from 12+ years of previously selling almost exclusively on eBay & Amazon, and through the doors of our 3 bricks and mortar stores. We are proud of the 100% positive feedback we consistently earned on thousands of transactions in over a decade.

Why 'move on' past the 2 very well known market-place venues . . . well, while they do drive 'views' and bodies for niche and the what's 'hot' for the moment products; the overwhelming market-place selling restrictions, market-place product search seller 'manipulations', market-place fees and restricted lack of person to person contacts, was and is simply wrong (in our opinion) and harmful to Buyers.

So, our vision focused on it being well past time for us to move 'onward and upwards' to our own stand-alone E-Commerce site where we now have the flexibility to serve 'You' Freely, Openly, Directly and with Lowered Prices.

We Welcome You to our own On-Line Store and we assure you that your Experiences will be Positive; with only Exemplary Customer Service, Products and Pricing that we could never bring to you across the eBay and/or Amazon platforms.


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